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A period of recession is gearing up or moving down frequently. Along with it, monetization of the market is making the ventures optimistic. The statistics say that this year is crucial for the small businesses and they look up for positive result. We have to wait and see the dramatic changes. Business and finance are two such generic terms on which people searches the maximum contents. Therefore, I am also sharing a cup of hot finance knowledge through my blog.

In the financial year of 2013, stay with me to move ahead.

Monday, 26 August 2013

How - To Benefit Your Growing Business By Getting Started With Small Business Banking?

When you first open up a small business, it is crucial to open up a business bank account. The Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, requires businesses to keep business funds separate from personal funds, so it is generally not a good idea to try to get away using your regular personal account for your business.

Getting a separate account for your business can make things much simpler when it comes to keeping those finances separate.

When you are first getting started with small business banking, you may need some advice to get going in the right direction. Finding a good bank for your new business can make a huge difference in the convenience and success of your company. Before selecting the first small business banking service that you run across, here are a few things to consider.

Business Bank Accounts Vs Credit Unions

While you take a decision about a small business bank to work with, you must consider the difference between commercial banks and credit unions. In the past, businesses primarily worked with commercial banks, but now there are credit unions that provide the opportunity of having business accounts.

Often, rates are lower at credit unions, although they may not have as high of a percentage of financial backing. Take time to compare the differences between commercial banks and credit unions so that you can be confident about taking the right decision for your business.

Fees for Business Accounts

While you are looking for a financial institution for your business, it is a good idea to pay attention to fees. Fees can vary greatly depending on the institution, so make sure that you read the fine print and ask questions. Institutions can place high fees on endorsement stamps and checkbooks, so don’t forget to include these factors in your consideration.

Additional Accounts for Your Business

In addition to your regular business checking account, you may want to consider starting a business savings account. As you decide on a financial institution, make sure to consider fees associated with starting a new account and rates of interest on your savings.

Building A Relationship With Your Bank

As you work with a new bank, it can be very important to develop a good relationship with them. Take the time to meet with key individuals so that you know who you are working with. This relationship may be very beneficial when it comes time for your business to grow and you are in a need of a loan.

With quality small business banking, you will have the financial tools your new business needs.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

How – To Save Money on Your Auto Insurance

Thinking to buy a new car, even if you buy it on cash you have to buy insurance for it, it’s obvious. It is not easy to maintain a car in these economic upheavals. In United States and its neighboring countries, cars are not a luxury rather a necessity. If you are in your 20s and started a career, a salary drawn and you need your own car to avoid the conveyance evils.

As the demand of buying car increases day by day, the car companies provides ample of loans and budgeted cars. However, for any type of car, which you fall for, you need to get the car insured.

Auto insurance companies  are many in number and  are ready to offer you with insurance at a flexible rate. However, most of them try to swindle you. You do not have a magic button that can save your money. In such a circumstance, how will you save money on the auto insurance?
Well, if you delve carefully you will find there are several factors that affect your auto insurance rate. How are you going to avoid those factors from affecting your auto insurance rates?

In this article, we will discuss about them, and if you follow them, then be sure to save a lot of money in the run. You can expect to receive 10% to 60% discount rates on your auto insurance if you follow the tips.

A Good Credit Score - Try to maintain a good credit score, since an insurance company will check your credit score before they grant an insurance coverage. Credit score will reflect  whether your profile is good or not. If you are having low credit score, then you have to pay higher rates. You can check your credit report at Annual Credit Report, free government credit report website.

Ask For a Group of Discount Rates -  There are companies who are ready to offer you with group discounts. If you need extra insurances, then try to buy it from the same company. If they are not able to offer you with variable insurance offers, be sure that they have partners to offer you the same. If you can refer your friends then you can lower your own insurance rate.

Get Free Quotes From the Auto Insurance Company – Try to get free quotes from as many companies you can. If you will do that manually, you will waste your precious time. Therefore, it is better to use any insurance comparison site like GoCompare as they are free.

Stay Insured - As companies do not like to cancel plans, and even if you cancel them, next time a huge amount will be added back. Some companies may decline your claim. Companies look for serious customers, and if you are serious, you can enjoy the discount rates.

Where Will You Find Cheap Auto Insurance?

To get a cheaper auto insurance package you have to follow some specific rules. This will allow you to speculate logically and get the best returns.

My dear readers are you having a good driving record. If yes, then you will be paying less. That is one of the most important aspect of the auto insurance company. If you show them that you are a good driver then you will get attractive discount rates.

Note: (Young driver do pay more as they are less experienced in driving)

Some clauses that auto insurance companies prefers to follow:

·         1. The company who will offer you with the auto insurance will look how often you drive. If you drive for long hours, they will consider you as a risky insurance owner.

·         2. Do protect your car from theft, thus using anti-theft devices in your car is necessary. If you love those devices then insurance company will also share a part of discount in return.

Of course, this is not all, rather a general overview on the auto insurance companies in the States. As soon as you apply for auto insurance, you will get more to cultivate yourself and thus protect yourself.

Author Bio : Moumita Dasgupta, a financial blogger and the owner of bizandfiz, shares her knowledge and expertise of various financial topics. A clear view on market, business, Forex, funds, personal finances etc. are the subjects she perfectly underlines through her articles. 

Friday, 16 August 2013

Small Business Accounting Services Help Owners to Grow Businesses

Accounting services, you might have heard of it. Why do business owners feel like trying them?

Most business owners have adopted small business accounting services because of the immense value they can gain for their business. These solutions help fledgling business owners to maintain accurate records of revenues and costs while keeping records straight for tax reporting purposes. In order to understand the popularity of accounting services, here we are sharing 3 most popular reasons business owners adopt prefer to adopt these services.

So here we go:

Not Everyone Likes Math or Record Keeping

Although there are people who have no problem sitting down every day keeping track of every minute financial detail and maintaining immaculate records, other people find this to be the worst possible part about owning a business. Every other task might be handled without complaint, from gauging the scale of the next shipment to handling payroll, but the finer details are simply maddening.

Laborious, yet mandatory tasks like creating reports and reconciling bank statements are tasks that suit numbers-inclined individuals. The numbers-resistant business owners rather like to spend time creating new designs, selling more products or building new thing. Thus, they switch to adoption of business accounting services.

Scalable Services

You will come across a variety of different services that can help business owners to maintain accurate records, and the best resources of this service are that they are scalable most of the time. This can help a fledgling business to manage costs while getting a firm foundation for financial records.

As the business grows, it may need to expand the services of different kinds such as help with forecasting expenses. At some point, the business may need a full array of services, and if they have been using the right company from the start, this will be just a simple transition.

Core Features Simplified

You will come across a variety of financial reports that can be provided by accounting services. Bank reconciliation can be one of the most important among them. However, many other important features are critical to the popularity of accounting services. People also look for an income statement, balance sheets, and profit and loss as well as a ledger sheet. Companies also utilize this service to invoice orders, and to collect payment from the clients.

In addition, business owners find that customer service gets a retreat with account services. It is an absolute lifesaver. With an account manager assigned to the business, business owners have an established contact for all of their problems.

Do you want to know more about small business accounting services, have a look at the website Business Bookkeeping.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Packed Your Bags For The Trip...Well Is The Trip Insured?

Let me guess you love mountains, greens or maybe vast ocean as a vacation spot. However, you are caught up in the fast and vast space of your job. Each one of you plans for an exciting trip to refresh the body, mind and soul. 
Planning, preparations and buying the special tour package, a lot to do. Well, how many of us are actually prepared to adapt the new roads? 

You do not know which situation you might land up while taking the unknown roads.

You may remember to carry your essential medicines and your first-aid box. It’s not possible to move with the hospital benefits along with you. Medical expenses could be much higher then you expect, while you are on a vacation to distant places. 

Talking about travel insurances, most of the insurance companies that cover your general health care do not give protection beyond a limit.For example, a travel insurance plan from an American Insurance firm may cover the expenses of the state itself and Canada. If you were travelling anywhere beyond these two locations, you might face a messed up situation.

Does your insurance ensure you with any travel benefits? Do you want to have travel insurance? What the travel insurance company generally offers their customers? What all, you may seek, would the company cover if at all it covers? 

• Travel insurance covers
• Trip cancellation
• Travel medical aids
• Emergency medical evaluation
• Accidental death/flight accident coverage

How you travel insurance works in your favor?

You might have booked the tickets, called in for the hotel’s breeziest room- and suddenly your trip gets cancelled. The insurance company may not give the desire protection in such an instance. Your insurance company, however generous, can only provide you with the insurance inevitable circumstances only.

What are those situations where the travel insurance company is going to support you? 

• Delayed processing of passport or visa
• Got ill or hurt
• Unavoidable weather hazard
• Dispute with a business

Your insurance company would be there with you all the time to make up your cost failures. 

Different insurance agencies offer different policies at different seasons. Some policies come with additional benefits, whereas some may trap you with their “conditions apply” notion.

Crosscheck your agent to see if you get the benefits or privileges under the following category:

• Terrorist attacks
• A travel planner before leaving your business
• Crashed your car on the way to the airport
• If your house drowns
• If you have been summoned by local administration

Who will pay you back? How will you get back the money you invested in the trip? 

Your travel insurance company is going to pay.

They would pay or cover up for the difference between what you paid for and what your travel vendor returns. 

Note: Be careful while you choose a travel insurance and travel agency to buy a policy for yourself. Compare the offers and price with some other agencies via internet or by talking to agents about the areas that your insurance company has promised to cover. A thorough market research is mandatory for you to avail the best deal. 

Once you insure yourself with a travel insurance plan, you can just set out with your bag packs and that too in a relaxed, tensed free manner. 

Explore new boundaries this season with well-equipped travel insurance. Have a happy and safe journey!

Author Bio : Moumita Dasgupta, a financial blogger and the owner of bizandfiz, shares her knowledge and expertise of various financial topics. A clear view on market, business, Forex, funds, personal finances etc. are the subjects she perfectly underlines through her articles.  Find Moumita on Google+

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Home Loans Ensuring Excellent Savings in Real Estate

Realty segment and finance go hand in hand, when we talk about the real estate transactions for holding strong ties, and making the dream property possession turn possible. Nowadays, the home loans and other available commercial credits offered by the financial bodies have brought a sigh of relief for the buyers and investors who have to face numerous difficulties in the past. This article discusses about the benefits that home loans bring in, and the various related aspects.

In India, real estate is believed to be the most dynamic and profitable segment with an increased number of investors coming from every part of the country. Booming population, establishment of big businesses even in the small towns and the advancement of villages has created numerous options for the homebuyers. 

There has been a rapid increase in the number of investors considering investing in the residential properties, and this is the reason why the banks have started offering several home loan schemes for ensuring infrastructure developments even in the less developed locations.

The effect of real estate can be seen clearly with the surge in the drastic upliftment of the lifestyle of the citizens. Numerous options have been made available for the common buyer to channelize their savings. The home loans have been the blessings in disguise, which have largely reduced the additional pressure on the buyers’ pockets. 

With so many options available in the housing loan category, the end users can look out for the suitable plan according to their requirements. Home loans have also been an advantage to the investors. The top most benefit enjoyed by the residential property buyers over their home loan is a tax advantage.

Benefits of Home Loans

The modern day investors look forward to saving a big amount while they make investments in the residential properties. The burden of house loan repayment can be greatly reduced by a number of alternatives, which are available for the buyers and investors. Such types of available options certainly help in saving money in the end. The investors who fall in the category of maximum tax benefit brackets are lucky enough to save some huge amounts from such exemptions. The money that is saved can come out to be big after completion of one year, and more if it is for the long term.

Principal Amount

As per the entire procedure of the loan application, there are a number of sections that define the home loans. Section 80 C describes the exemption, which an investor can enjoy after he/she repays the principal amount and carries forward a cap of Rs. 1 lakh. The exemption is only allowed when the owner is residing in the house and the house is not under construction. Besides, the buyer can claim a possible amount in case the owner lives in some other city.

Interest Amount

Section 24 of Income tax descries the interest amount and is broadly applicable to an amount of Rs. 1, 50,000 annually. Under this clause, the owner does not have to reside in the house in question. Once the lending institutions certify the tax paid by the borrower, the amount is deducted from the taxable income.

Combined Effect

If we aggregate the amount of principal and interest, an investor is eligible to gain total exemption of Rs. 2,50,000 from his/her taxable income. A person can save not more than Rs. 83000. These home loans have indeed brought about revolution in the properly dealings where even the buyers belonging to the middle or lower income group can invest in properties and save a higher amount over the period. Now in India, it is not a big monetary deal to own a home. Invest in properties and save substantial with home loans. 

Author Bio: Rashmi Karan is a professional content writer who offers genuine and accurate information about the current real estate trends regarding purchase and sale of both residential and commercial properties across nation.  

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Direct Email Vs Direct Mail: Who’s The Most Powerful?

As my readers are both business owners and individuals who prefer to keep a firsthand knowledge on markets and personal finances. So I keep them imparting various knowledge on financial topics. Today I am going to share views on different marketing modes.

Marketing is one of the common aspects that the business owners irrespective of their size have to adopt if they want to expand their business beyond the boundaries. We have various techniques but the popular two – email and direct mail marketing will be discussed here.

Email Marketing – Almost every business owner, whether big or small prefers to use it in order to connect his or her potential customers. You are using it daily, to leverage your business.

Direct Mail Marketing –This is the traditional form of marketing allows businesses to communicate directly with his or her customers. The process is two-way mode and often costlier.

Now the question comes which one is more effective email marketing or direct mail marketing. Let us find the basic points of difference between these two modes of marketing!


Direct email marketing enables the one-to-one communication with customers and possible prospects. HTML email newsletter with best graphics can fetch you better conversion rates. Group Mail or hosted ASP services to get some quality returns. Use of an opt-in manager helps to get the necessary information from your subscribers and store them in your database. (Group Mail is a form of email marketing mode that is able to create unlimited lists with unlimited recipients for each and makes list segmentation.) Therefore, this way you can send different emails to your prospects, clients, partners or any other group of companies.

Direct mail marketing if compared in reference to cost is more expensive as you have to spend money on the printing of handbills, delivery, TV or print advertising, banners etc. It is also time consuming,and the response ratio is much lower than the usual email marketing.


This is the second advantage that direct email marketing has over direct mail marketing. Practically, you are able to find a better email marketing campaign and can get detailed statistics about how many people have opened the emails, what is the click-through rate, which articles received the most popularity or ads that gain popularity in your email newsletter.

Talking of traditional marketing, do you know how many people have seen the last TV commercial, which you have telecasted? No! Well, how many listened to your radio commercial? No! Is it all the same? You have some techniques like “people meters” regarding the popularity of a program in which your ad was shown, but it was not that accurate, like the email marketing.

In this case, you need to pay some of the marketing agencies, which will enable the research. Another option you can include is the phone number or the particular website in your offline sales campaign. However, this even won’t let you know how many people have exactly seen or liked your ads.


You have the advantage of getting proper feedback through the email marketing. You have products like Polls Daddy, which enable you to have access over easily created polls and get proper feedback from the visitors and possible prospects. They will also look for your preference, like whether you want to use email, newsletter or website.

If you are able to use polls in your marketing campaign then you will get a proper feedback about the company and the products in a fast and inexpensive way.

How about getting feedbacks from traditional survey methods, is it possible? Depending on the size of your survey, you have to hire people; they have to make the survey analysis. Moreover, if we look carefully, it is going to cost a lot and the feedback will be received much later than the email marketing. In direct mail marketing, the customers won’t be ready to communicate with you or the response rate will be lower. It is not possible to communicate with each customer in a face-to-face meet.

Who Wins The Battle? – Email marketing! Just for better performance rate, tracking process, better conversions, feedbacks and cost saving schemes email marketing rules the present market arena.

Most common and viable three reasons shared here through this post. If you have other reasons, please share them here at blog.

Author Bio : Moumita Dasgupta, a financial blogger and the owner of bizandfiz, shares her knowledge and expertise of various financial topics. A clear view on market, business, Forex, funds, personal finances etc. are the subjects she perfectly underlines through her articles.  Find Moumita on Google+

Friday, 2 August 2013

4 Trendy Steps to Climb For a Marketing Success

In the blog, I often mention about the small businesses, the needs associated with their products, and their services. That does not mean that I neglect the big businesses. Well, I do keep a good eye on big daddy’s just to learn the tactic and their behavioral pattern to share it with the small and mid-sized business owners.

Yes, some cracking steps are their which have led big business to have a creamy success. Yet, they are missing something, which they need to adopt soon to spread their wisdom across all small and mid-sized business.

Here, in this article we are going to discuss the four trends that big business might have adopted from time to time, but hardly nurtures them after the social media marketing crawled in the market arena.

However, most of them are digital platforms like email, blogging and SEO or personalized marketing. However, they can bring success just as they used to do before.

Nevertheless how?

Well, guys these trends have not yet died, you can pump some juice out them to have a bigger marketing success.Let us take a quick look on them.


Email marketing is not dead. It is constantly growing in importance. And you are still using it, I know. However, you are not revamping it from their current context and you must do that. 

According to the Forrester analysts, 700 marketers have been using the email-marketing platform or expecting it to use by the end o f this year. More than 35% of the marketers are sending out promotional messages and 28% sends out the newsletters.

Spam filter is the common obstruction in the email-marketing campaigns, the unsolicited and irrelevant offers often shows the spam box to your relevant message. In order to avoid the consumer shutdown, marketers must take the advantage of the behavioral targeting and other analytics tool to deliver the email that propels the consumer to click the call-to-action button.

You do not have to send many messages instead the analytics runs to figure out which customers must receive your messages. Make sure that you email program is aligned with customer service or with your database marketing efforts.

Providers are there who offers service to refine your email programs; they offer primary delivery solutions that let you send the strategic mails to probable prospects.


Marketers always move on with the current business waves. So, have you heard about the continuous marketing mode? It does not imply that you have to run campaigns. It is more about getting social. Yes, you need to build a social presence on the popular social networking sites Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and most importantly in the Google search pages. To ensure this you have to enable constant SEO activities and content creation to channelize the marketing mode.

Let me share a secret (Google hates SILENCE)…

Content creation, curation and marketing done via social platforms are relentless in nature or else you will be lost in the web chaos. 


Mass messages send via television and traditional media is becoming almost obsolete and less effective due to media saturation. The personalized marketing is on the rise. E-commerce sites, emails etc helps to tailors advertise to the relevant and the interested set of customers.

You need to visit an online store and just check out once and then come back. The website will find out whether you are a male or a female.  The next email that will arrive will be personalized with the products that you have visited or showed interest. The web captures your behavioral pattern as it reads the data, applies intelligence and serves the information that is appropriate enough to serve you.

With the introduction of the BigData in the market, the personalized marketing is gaining more prominence.


This is the favorite elephant-marketing platform to climb the stairs of success. For some of the companies’ even say IBM blogging makes a big way. Only you have to do it in the correct way and have to accept the consequences that take place. It is better to maintain transparency to avoid any backlash from unhappy consumers who can smell manipulation a mile away.

If you are a big business giant, be careful about the tools like blogs, vlogs and podcasts or get prepared to face the wrath of well-connected social network customers. Audiences are fickle-minded, in one minute they like you and the other moment they discard you. Many Fortune 500 companies are creating a position Blog Monitor to respond quickly to new issues as they arise, or to correct misinformation that can damage a company unfairly.

Corporate blogging is not so easy people. You have to handle the negative criticism in a spirited manner with positive ones. Marketers are there who uses wrong logics to start a blog. Solve the question in your mind. “Why you have started the blog?”

-   May be to maintain a good customer base or to have a better employee rapport or to improve the products and services that you offer.

If the answer is matches to any one of the above suggestions, then you are moving on the right track. Still you have to prepare yourself to face many challenges.

Therefore, it’s time to take a sip of business success once more with the old channels but with all new strategies. Market is expanding, so revamp the techniques that you use often, strategies never dies. All you need is to refurbish the techniques to get a grand success.

Peek-a-boo to this four steps to form your position in this competitive arena.

Author Bio : Moumita Dasgupta, a financial blogger and the owner of bizandfiz, shares her knowledge and expertise of various financial topics. A clear view on market, business, Forex, funds, personal finances etc. are the subjects she perfectly underlines through her articles.

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