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A period of recession is gearing up or moving down frequently. Along with it, monetization of the market is making the ventures optimistic. The statistics say that this year is crucial for the small businesses and they look up for positive result. We have to wait and see the dramatic changes. Business and finance are two such generic terms on which people searches the maximum contents. Therefore, I am also sharing a cup of hot finance knowledge through my blog.

In the financial year of 2013, stay with me to move ahead.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

4 Steps Involved In Online Share Trading

Here is an article from my Guest Author Rajeev sharing another good article on investment strategy.

Share trading is one of the popular ways to invest your money for a short term in order to generate larger benefits of the quick moving stocks. This performs through a share or stockbroker or a financial planner.

Working with a stockbroker or a planner allows people to get the facility to trade comfortably from their own residence. This has led to the amazing popularity of the industry than what predicted by the analysts.

Considerable number of shareholders is presently trading online as a full timer or a part-timer. As a result, numerous online stockbrokers have emerged for assisting investors in trading with the shares easily and cost effectively using the Internet. However, for the beginners, it appears to be complicated, but the process is very simple.

Steps Involved In Trading Shares through Internet

Online share trading is a simple process, which involves the following steps:

•        The first step to deal with the online shares is to search a reliable stockbroker and register in an online De-mat account, which is necessary as per SEBI rules for trading shares online.

•        The next step is to deposit a certain amount in that account for trading. You will also get the facilities to take a marginal loan for initiating your online trading.

•        Thoroughly analyze the market using a preferred method and find the profitable stocks in which you can invest.

•        With the website or the program provided to you by the broker, you can buy and sell the shares from your residence. You are free to place different types of orders for your preferred shares online.

How Do You Select an Appropriate Broker?

“Investments are subjects to market risk, so read the offer document carefully.”
You will find this asterisk in every investment venture, but that does not stop you from investing, right?

Any form of trading involves risk of losing your money. Hence, it is very important to spend some considerable amount of time in research before investing your money in share trading. You can benefit out of the trading tips offered by reliable brokers and try to acquire good knowledge in this field before stepping into the world of share market.
When you have decided to invest in share market, you have to choose the best broker from the big bunch available online. Before selecting the broker, you should assure yourself that they have a dependable history with appropriate measure for assuring optimum privacy for all information related to your transaction.

Staying updated with the latest economic developments is very important in trading. Every stockbroker is unique and offers different services. Most of the websites offer periodical updates with the sole aim of providing their customers with ultimate services possible. At crucial times, the frequency of updates will be more. These market updates play a significant role in deciding your investment.

You need to choose an online broker carefully who is capable of providing you everything that is essential for the successful execution of your online transaction. Before investing your money invest some of your valuable time to explore on the trustworthy brokerage firms, which will help you in learning about a great deal from genuine share brokers to have a wonderful start for online share trading.

Author Bio

The author Rajeev is presently working as a trading analyst with www.berkeleygains.com, which is an information center for share trading with live market conditions. He empowers every investor to make a wise decision on his investment.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

5 Ways To Surprise Your Customers With A Welcome Email

Do you have a business? Then you must be knowing about welcome email.
A welcome mail is the most important mail that you have ever sent. It is the email, which have highest open, click and conversion.

There is nothing strange about it; a welcome mail generally arrives when a customer literally wants it. Therefore, it is obviously a great opportunity for email marketers to drive their business in action.

What are the things that a welcome mail can generate for you?

              They can set a high open and click through rates of any email
              They are easy to set up and automate
              You can get extra conversion, relieve customer support and stay in their mind forever

If readers have an interest to give their email marketing campaign, a new look, then they can obviously try these creative examples to make their welcome mail look far better and amaze their customers.

Use the Golden Content

To create online karma over delivering is a great way. Your company may be having a blog or have created content and that after a while is buried, does not seek the attention it deserves.

Therefore lets change the package of the content and link it from the welcome message. For example, if you ask them tom subscribe to the newsletter, then link the newsletter to some articles on mobile email or offer a whitepaper on email marketing list service.

You can use your golden content particularly into two ways: Use it as an incentive to drive more sign ups, use the gift to amaze people and also surprise them.

Pinpoint the Location of Your New Subscriber

If you are getting a zip code of your new subscriber, then know that is quite helpful. This will allow you to locate their  local store, local offers, open hours, events, news or even your local account manager.
In the real estate business, zip code is essential as it will show the right local realtor in the welcome mail or offer them a link in which they might feel interested.

Give Away To Earn Something

What do you think about giving your new subscriber a gift? Chances may be there that new subscriber may know persons who may get interested in your services. Therefore, it is better to offer, say two discount coupons instead of one or something more. One for the subscriber and the other for the subscriber to give it to their friends.

Why Don’t You Introduce The Man Behind Your Brand?

If your business has a face then, then introduce them through your email marketing campaign. The people who are behind all the creativity, they can appear on the storyboard as a team. Clients, your team and even your inspirations who inspired you to become what you are. Actually, you will be narrating them a story for a better understanding of your service.

Invite Them to Join

How will you promote a newsletter?  There are several ways to promote them. On your site, you can advertise or use the social media fully. Your news subscriber can easily become a Facebook fan or connect you on LinkedIn or may Tweet your link to cater further services.

Welcome email is a chance to show, what are they doing with those channels, and if you are more into social media, then here is a chance to join the conversation.

Author's Bio: Moumita Dasgupta, a financial blogger and the owner of bizandfiz, shares her knowledge and expertise of various financial topics. A clear view on market, business, Forex, funds, personal finances etc. are the subjects she perfectly underlines through her articles.  Find Moumita on Google+

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Top 7 Small Business Obamacare Haters

With the release of the Obamacare in the month of October, it’s expected that number of small business owners will sign up for the health insurances. All the exchanges started to operate from the month of October 1, 2013, which is going to offer low cost insurance for individuals and small business owners.

However, Obamacare met with mixed reactions from the variety of small business owners in United States. Some satisfied with the rates and coverage while the dissatisfied ones plans to buy insurances privately.

So far, hundreds of companies who have opened their account in the state exchange. However, the processing of the policies will officially begin by January 1.

In places like New York, Minnesota and Vermont everywhere small business enrollments passed all expectations. In Maryland, it will not open until Jan 1, as for Washington exchange will exists in 39 counties. Even the states were exchange is not going to take place so soon are showing unexpected interest in Obamacare.

Now coming to the discussion for which I sat down to write the article. This fresh scheme has displeased a handful of small business owners, who still have their faith in buying private insurances.

Obamacare Haters

Robin Lunge, the state's director of health care reform says that in Vermont itself, they have received mixed reviews. A faction of people says that the rates are convincing, but other says premiums are too high. They will receive a better coverage, but in turn, the monthly cost will increase.

Indeed, a strong reason to reject the Obamacare by the small business owners, increase in cost is dear as the small entrepreneurs have less capital to invest. (Note: For earning good profits, paying a handsome share may not hurt businesses)

In California, the exchange surprised many a people like the doctors who have their own clinic. According to the new law, employers can get a tax credit if the average salary doctors pay is under $50,000. As for the doctors who pay, more than $50,000 will have no advantage without the additional tax credit. As going to an insurance company or to the exchange will be remaining the same.

As for some Obamacare Haters, plans are not proper and more dissatisfying. So many small businesses tend to stick to their previous plans rather than going for the state exchange.

Top 7 Obamacare Haters

Mc Donald’s

Nope, this time it’s hard for Peter Bensen to say, I’ m Just Lovin It! the chief financial officer of Mc Donald’s said on a conference call in 2012 that if his company switch for Obamacare then it will cost the company and their franchisees $140 million to $420 million. It is hard to embrace or love.

Whole Food

Gosh, a hard reaction from John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, he called Obamacare is like Fascism.  Well, he confessed that unlike his slogan "Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet" Obamacare is not providing a wholesome support to small business in the US with the new policy. The libertarian does not regret saying that to Huffington Post.

Papa John

A man with a positive note, John Schnatter, CEO of Papa John says that the Obamacare will hurt his company by $0.11 to $0.44 per pizza, but for the customers it is always a toast. No price increase in Pizzas, yet the employees will get the health insurances. “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza” – Hope not “Better Healthcare, Costlier Pizza.”

Cheesecake Factory

In December, their CEO, David Overton stated Obamacare will be costlyand most of the people have to either raise the price or lower the product quality. As for their Senior Vice President, Dina Barmasse-Gray, Obamacare will not have any material impact on them, as they tend to provide health insurances to employees who work 25 hours per week for long years. Will it remain “Something for everyone”???


Unsuccessful lobbying by Boeing, it mainly attacked the cost. Obamacare will improve the coverage, quality and in the end will manage the health insurance costs. As for their spokesperson Joseph Tedino, Obamacare will affect their business in a negative way in the future.

CKE (Hardees Owner)

Last year Bloomberg Businessweek noted that the owner of Hardees, Andrew Puzder would start to sell cheaper meats and hire more part-time workers. To curb the cost increase he will grow few restaurants. Hope the customers do not say "Hardee's. Do Not Come on Home “instead of “Hardee’s. Come on Home” after they will get cheap meat packages.

Jimmy John

CEO, Jimmy John Liautaud said to Fox News last year that he is going to slash the work hours of his workers in order to provide them with health insurances under Obamacare. They are soon going to make the work hours 28 hours per week, as it is becoming harder for their business to survive in the US market. Hope not the reduction in work hours and savings of insurance cost will turn the slogan to “freaky slow delivery” from “freaky fast delivery.”

Which small business will be the next on this list? Obamacare, one reason for many issues - What do you say readers?

Author's Bio: Moumita Dasgupta, a financial blogger and the owner of bizandfiz, shares her knowledge and expertise of various financial topics. A clear view on market, business, Forex, funds, personal finances etc. are the subjects she perfectly underlines through her articles.  Find Moumita on Google+

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Free Nifty Options Tips for Day Trading

It will be great if we have a magic ball that shows the future trends of a stock. If an individual comes to know about the real trend of stock for the next few minutes, he will become a millionaire during the next hour. While no trader is sure about the market trend, every trader tends to analyze the various free nifty options tips provided by experienced professionals and decide to trade based on the most reliable ones.

What Are Option Tips?

Well, this is also called Put to call ratio. This is the proportion between the entire volume of option for the Puts and the Calls of a specific stock. This ratio is of specific interest on stocks that declare their earnings at the close of the day after the market is closed or before the opening of the market.

What to Look For?

  • Surf the net and hunt for stocks that are declaring their earnings for a specific day through earnings calendar
  • Choose those stocks that have a daily volume of more than 500K.
  • When the market is on, explore the option chain for the present month expiration on your desired stock after the stock announcement. You can extend the chain to know in detail about all the option trading during that month. If the options have the largest volume, you can go with the same stock otherwise search for another stock.
  • For having a better knowledge about the trend of a particular stock, you can also analyze its reactions for the last announcements of the company during the past four or five quarters. You need to check for the direction of the movement, and if the stock continues to move in the same way as its gap after the announcement of earnings on the day of trading, it is a good indication  
  • If you feel that movement is upwards, then go for the call option at the close of the day or on day opening before the announcement is made. Buy a Put if you feel it is a down play. You can buy the option when it is nearer to the money the potential profit will be bigger.
  • You may wish to choose the option that is cheaper enough to minimize your risk factor. If you have a higher risk tolerance, you are free to take the higher risk during the day after the announcement. If the stocks move in your favorable direction, you will reap greater profits and you might wish to ride further for increasing your profit.
If it is your first time in option trading, free nifty options tips will be of great help to you in deciding the stock to trade profitably during the day. It is always better to get advice from a financial adviser before option trading and have a thorough understanding of the nature of the option play you choose. You should also be aware of the risks involved and the probable consequences of such trade.

Here is a great post from our Guest Blogger Rajeev, have a soup of it and now let us have a good feedback. Happy reading my people!!

Author Bio: - Rajeev Kumar who is currently working in Free Nifty Option Tips provides Nifty Tips services all over India publishes is the author of this above article based on Free Nifty Options Tips.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Socially Devoted To Customers! – What Does Your ROI Say?

Is your business socially devoted to your customers?

What ROI does your business generate for being attentive to your customers?

Why I began with these two questions. Since, social dedication is an important factor that all business must embrace in 2013.

How will you effectively engage your business on the social platform?  -  Choose a social networking site, say Facebook. Open a Facebook Page for your business, actively engage yourself with the customers in a conversation, respond to their opinion or questions in real-time and stay socially devoted to your fan base.

Do You Know Where You Missed the Target?

On an average, both small and large companies responds only 5% of the questions asked to them on their Facebook Wall. Moreover, 70% of the questions among them which companies receive across all social media sites – from Twitter to Yelp – actually go unanswered.

A fact that will surprise you – 1 out of 4 global companies has shut their Facebook Wall, to stop the customers from posting their feeds, complaints about the company.

Gosh, now do you know where you have dropped the ball. Why your ROI has crashed so insignificantly? To bring back the image of your business brand you have to be socially devoted.

There are three common models of Social Media Engagement. See in which group you belong to–

(Picture courtesy: http://www.socialbakers.com)
      NO ENGAGEMENT – employees and customer are separate, maintain a distance.

INDIVIDUAL ENGAGEMENT – employees can engage themselves with one customer at a time.

COMPANY-WIDE ENGAGEMENT – use of social media tools, helps members to communicate with all members in their community.

Check out this statistic, which shows how a company escalates their ROI, when they are socially devoted to their customers.


According to the study done by the Socialbakers, Facebook has 5 devoted industries, gaining large ROI with their Facebook engagement.  These include –
      Airline - 60.4% response rate on the Facebook Fan page

Finance – 55% response rate on the Facebook Fan Page

Retail – 46.4% response rate on the Facebook Fan Page

      Fashion – 43.6% response rate on the Facebook Fan page
      Electronics – 41.5% response rate on the Facebook Fan page

Attention Business – It Takes A Lot To Be Socially Dedicated!

(Picture courtesy: http://www.socialbakers.com)

Here, we are going to state some of the best ways to make your business stay committed to the customers.

STAY AWARE- The Customers are trying to reach out to you, because they want to stay connected with you. In order to make your customer stay loyal forever, you have to deploy a team who will track the conversations about the brand, respond to the crisis, answer the desirable questions and listen to suggestions.

ENGAGE – Ask your Fans to join the conversation on the Facebook page. Even you can join a discussion initiated by a customer, to show that you care about their opinions.

UNDERPROMISE AND OVERDELIVER METHOD – This impresses most of the customers by the outstanding service that they have never expected to receive. You have to acquire the power of thrilling your customers and delivering services faster and better than any other time.

ATTRACTIVE OFFERS – If you want to make the customer attracted to your service, you have to give them exclusive offers. They will eventually spread the good words about you and your brand.

FOLLOW-UP – Once you give the service, follow-up your customers. We know this is a critical situation, where you can find out how satisfied are your customers, and how you can improve their experience.
Devote yourself to the fan base and perk up your ROI graph. Stay ahead and make your brand get popular with few devoted clicks.

Author's Bio: Moumita Dasgupta, a financial blogger and the owner of bizandfiz, shares her knowledge and expertise of various financial topics. A clear view on market, business, Forex, funds, personal finances etc. are the subjects she perfectly underlines through her articles.  Find Moumita on Google+

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