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A period of recession is gearing up or moving down frequently. Along with it, monetization of the market is making the ventures optimistic. The statistics say that this year is crucial for the small businesses and they look up for positive result. We have to wait and see the dramatic changes. Business and finance are two such generic terms on which people searches the maximum contents. Therefore, I am also sharing a cup of hot finance knowledge through my blog.

In the financial year of 2013, stay with me to move ahead.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

5 Lead Generation Tactics Not To Put in Your Marketing Basket

Digital marketing sphere is no doubt a tough environment to initiate a sale or influence a sale for both small and mid-size business owners. The digital arena stays jam-packed with competitors and data when someone visits your website. This rising challenge keep B2B marketers stay grounded.
Making the Google searchers land on your website is just winning half the battle. Simply scanning your home page is much different from sticking to it a long time and enjoying your contents. Usually, we hold that, people browsing online has no to zero patience, so it is important to apply methods that can keep readers hooked to your website.

Inbound lead generation, well it has its own efficacy, so B2B companies must strategize each marketing moves to reap quality leads. However, looking at the current scenario if your inbound marketing strategy is to land more customers on your website, then you must be struggling with any one of these five myths.

Let us see what they are and how can we get rid of it from the next marketing plan.

What may be the approx size of your marketing department? You might say –“it is too small. Whether small or big, it does not matter, what matters is that, your marketing department is solely responsible for carrying out all the inbound lead generation activities. Why do not your sales team and the SMEs pull their weight? It is not at all realistic that the marketing department will do all the social sharing. SMEs should also equally take part in the social sharing of the content you create.

Let us do a simple math – If you have 5 employees in the marketing team and 100 in other departments, then it is far more effective for 100 employees to share the content in their social profile than those fives in marketing team.

Marketing department alone should not create all content SMEs too should share their expertise through snackable contents. SMEs must join social groups or conversations on industry relevant blogs to establish authority and inbound links to make SEO juice.

Well, the marketing team in contrast can walk on a different path to content creation such as making a video blog, or hosting a webinar or hangout session or may share an infographic presentation with relevant data.

Let your marketing team go creative.

B2B companies dwelling in the inbound market for less than one year lacks enough content.  Quantity besides quality is important. Creating one blog post per month is not enough. It is good to share two to three contents every week, one white paper per month and one e-book/video/ slideshare/webinar at every quarter. These numbers can vary depending on the business.

That goes for the quantity and now quality. Tap into customer service to know the issues, which troubles your customers often. If you sell products that need implementation, let your users know the best way to install it. If you sell services, tell the best practices to prepare for your service. The contents must address trending issues within the niche, as sales pitch content is not going to lure customers. They hate advertising!

No matter what you sell, whether it is complex or technical, customer are human and no robots. They want you treat them as human even if they consume a highly technical content.

Stop sharing content only with brand logos. You must share contents that will have a human face. Show some humor and wear a writing style that has a personal undertone yet its delivery should reflect the technical nitty-gritty’s.  Write in a way, so that it does not sound robotic. If you think that you lack such approach, edit the content by someone who can make it crunchy. 

Spice up your content with creative design to make it more human. Even a highly technical content can gather a good number of readers with a well-designed format.

Business might have software to run critical aspects such as resource planning, distribution, accounting, HR management and customer relationship management (CRM). What is missing? Well, it is marketing automation software.

You need to have it if you are serious about inbound lead generation. With the use of a competent marketing automation system, you can plan, schedule, optimize or measure leads easily.

Whether you have automated follow-up software or not, it is the right time to get your leads on the phone. If you collect 150 leads in the month of March, you must call each one of them as soon as possible after they convert. Use lead scores to tag your leads automatically as they read or download your content or click the mails to determine when the leads are ready to receive a call from you. Start following-up!

Well, besides following up your leads, measuring them is vital. Track your result with great software and generate monthly reports. Track down your campaigns individually, this will let you see overall results and will let you know which campaigns have worked the best.

Addressing all B2B marketers, if you continue to stick to these myths, then hang on you are not going to win the inbound lead generation advantage.
Commit to this popular saying “life is a marathon, not a sprint” if you want to produce sustainable inbound lead generation results.

Author's Bio: Moumita Dasgupta, a financial blogger and the owner of bizandfiz, shares her knowledge and expertise of various financial topics. A clear view on market, business, Forex, funds, personal finances etc. are the subjects she perfectly underlines through her articles.  Find Moumita on Google+

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