Bizandfiz is a finance blog focusing on the different financial aspects like personal finance, marketing, small business, social media marketing, startups, and entrepreneurship. Most important it is going to help both the novice and the expert financial gurus in the sphere.

With a careful approach towards your finances today you can definitely frame and juggle with many things in life- School, relationships/dating/marriage, careers and career aspirations, children, desire to travel, and most of all dreams and visions of what life and future should look like.

I thought to share my ideas within this sphere from the core of my heart, what I felt in 20s and soon will be in 30s, I think it is the best time to share some incredible ideas to help the marketers, experts, novice and even an individual.

So let me tell you a little bit about myself:

I’m in my twenties, a recent double-post graduated who works as a Content Writer by day and a freelance blogger by night. I have a big goal to achieve, through my writing skills.  I am not a hardcore financial geek who will turn out to be a gyan guru for the share markets and the investment owners. Surely, I can give them the basic financial tips to become the next big FINANCIAL MYTH.

I love blogging and have done quite a bit of it in the past. Blogging is a real fun! My blog is here to make you inspire, educate, learn and make your financial aspirations stronger.

I will try my best to provide valuable, personal, and insightful content day in and day out. There’s a lot of blogs out there, so I will do my best to make my blog noticeable and worthy.

Feel free to contact me with any feedback, suggestions, or complaints.



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