What do you think you can do when you think to plunge into a small or large business? Just think, why you will invest in a business. What is the most important thing that the business will let you earn? Money. Obviously that’s the not the only thing that you run behind. Business gives you fame, opportunity, global recognition and way to stay connected to numerous people in various locations. It’s adventurous if you can meet the desired goals.

Business model and business operations are the two main things, which help to determine the active business strategies. So what is your business plan? How you are going to meet up with the current market demands?

After you nurture your business now you have to lay it properly before the customers and the active medium to lay it is marketing.

Marketing if done in the correct way will let you have a global recognition. From social point of view marketing is the bridging gap between society’s material and its economic pattern of response. It helps to exchange the goods and service through proper channel and thus develops long-term bonding with customers as well as business associates.


·         Product marketing
·         Pricing
·         Distribution
·         Service
·         Retail
·         Brand management
·         Account-based marketing
·         Ethics
·         Effectiveness
·         Research
·         Strategy
·         Management
·         Marketing operations
·         Social marketing


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