Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Packed Your Bags For The Trip...Well Is The Trip Insured?

Let me guess you love mountains, greens or maybe vast ocean as a vacation spot. However, you are caught up in the fast and vast space of your job. Each one of you plans for an exciting trip to refresh the body, mind and soul. 
Planning, preparations and buying the special tour package, a lot to do. Well, how many of us are actually prepared to adapt the new roads? 

You do not know which situation you might land up while taking the unknown roads.

You may remember to carry your essential medicines and your first-aid box. It’s not possible to move with the hospital benefits along with you. Medical expenses could be much higher then you expect, while you are on a vacation to distant places. 

Talking about travel insurances, most of the insurance companies that cover your general health care do not give protection beyond a limit.For example, a travel insurance plan from an American Insurance firm may cover the expenses of the state itself and Canada. If you were travelling anywhere beyond these two locations, you might face a messed up situation.

Does your insurance ensure you with any travel benefits? Do you want to have travel insurance? What the travel insurance company generally offers their customers? What all, you may seek, would the company cover if at all it covers? 

• Travel insurance covers
• Trip cancellation
• Travel medical aids
• Emergency medical evaluation
• Accidental death/flight accident coverage

How you travel insurance works in your favor?

You might have booked the tickets, called in for the hotel’s breeziest room- and suddenly your trip gets cancelled. The insurance company may not give the desire protection in such an instance. Your insurance company, however generous, can only provide you with the insurance inevitable circumstances only.

What are those situations where the travel insurance company is going to support you? 

• Delayed processing of passport or visa
• Got ill or hurt
• Unavoidable weather hazard
• Dispute with a business

Your insurance company would be there with you all the time to make up your cost failures. 

Different insurance agencies offer different policies at different seasons. Some policies come with additional benefits, whereas some may trap you with their “conditions apply” notion.

Crosscheck your agent to see if you get the benefits or privileges under the following category:

• Terrorist attacks
• A travel planner before leaving your business
• Crashed your car on the way to the airport
• If your house drowns
• If you have been summoned by local administration

Who will pay you back? How will you get back the money you invested in the trip? 

Your travel insurance company is going to pay.

They would pay or cover up for the difference between what you paid for and what your travel vendor returns. 

Note: Be careful while you choose a travel insurance and travel agency to buy a policy for yourself. Compare the offers and price with some other agencies via internet or by talking to agents about the areas that your insurance company has promised to cover. A thorough market research is mandatory for you to avail the best deal. 

Once you insure yourself with a travel insurance plan, you can just set out with your bag packs and that too in a relaxed, tensed free manner. 

Explore new boundaries this season with well-equipped travel insurance. Have a happy and safe journey!

Author Bio : Moumita Dasgupta, a financial blogger and the owner of bizandfiz, shares her knowledge and expertise of various financial topics. A clear view on market, business, Forex, funds, personal finances etc. are the subjects she perfectly underlines through her articles.  Find Moumita on Google+


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