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4 Trendy Steps to Climb For a Marketing Success

In the blog, I often mention about the small businesses, the needs associated with their products, and their services. That does not mean that I neglect the big businesses. Well, I do keep a good eye on big daddy’s just to learn the tactic and their behavioral pattern to share it with the small and mid-sized business owners.

Yes, some cracking steps are their which have led big business to have a creamy success. Yet, they are missing something, which they need to adopt soon to spread their wisdom across all small and mid-sized business.

Here, in this article we are going to discuss the four trends that big business might have adopted from time to time, but hardly nurtures them after the social media marketing crawled in the market arena.

However, most of them are digital platforms like email, blogging and SEO or personalized marketing. However, they can bring success just as they used to do before.

Nevertheless how?

Well, guys these trends have not yet died, you can pump some juice out them to have a bigger marketing success.Let us take a quick look on them.


Email marketing is not dead. It is constantly growing in importance. And you are still using it, I know. However, you are not revamping it from their current context and you must do that. 

According to the Forrester analysts, 700 marketers have been using the email-marketing platform or expecting it to use by the end o f this year. More than 35% of the marketers are sending out promotional messages and 28% sends out the newsletters.

Spam filter is the common obstruction in the email-marketing campaigns, the unsolicited and irrelevant offers often shows the spam box to your relevant message. In order to avoid the consumer shutdown, marketers must take the advantage of the behavioral targeting and other analytics tool to deliver the email that propels the consumer to click the call-to-action button.

You do not have to send many messages instead the analytics runs to figure out which customers must receive your messages. Make sure that you email program is aligned with customer service or with your database marketing efforts.

Providers are there who offers service to refine your email programs; they offer primary delivery solutions that let you send the strategic mails to probable prospects.


Marketers always move on with the current business waves. So, have you heard about the continuous marketing mode? It does not imply that you have to run campaigns. It is more about getting social. Yes, you need to build a social presence on the popular social networking sites Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and most importantly in the Google search pages. To ensure this you have to enable constant SEO activities and content creation to channelize the marketing mode.

Let me share a secret (Google hates SILENCE)…

Content creation, curation and marketing done via social platforms are relentless in nature or else you will be lost in the web chaos. 


Mass messages send via television and traditional media is becoming almost obsolete and less effective due to media saturation. The personalized marketing is on the rise. E-commerce sites, emails etc helps to tailors advertise to the relevant and the interested set of customers.

You need to visit an online store and just check out once and then come back. The website will find out whether you are a male or a female.  The next email that will arrive will be personalized with the products that you have visited or showed interest. The web captures your behavioral pattern as it reads the data, applies intelligence and serves the information that is appropriate enough to serve you.

With the introduction of the BigData in the market, the personalized marketing is gaining more prominence.


This is the favorite elephant-marketing platform to climb the stairs of success. For some of the companies’ even say IBM blogging makes a big way. Only you have to do it in the correct way and have to accept the consequences that take place. It is better to maintain transparency to avoid any backlash from unhappy consumers who can smell manipulation a mile away.

If you are a big business giant, be careful about the tools like blogs, vlogs and podcasts or get prepared to face the wrath of well-connected social network customers. Audiences are fickle-minded, in one minute they like you and the other moment they discard you. Many Fortune 500 companies are creating a position Blog Monitor to respond quickly to new issues as they arise, or to correct misinformation that can damage a company unfairly.

Corporate blogging is not so easy people. You have to handle the negative criticism in a spirited manner with positive ones. Marketers are there who uses wrong logics to start a blog. Solve the question in your mind. “Why you have started the blog?”

-   May be to maintain a good customer base or to have a better employee rapport or to improve the products and services that you offer.

If the answer is matches to any one of the above suggestions, then you are moving on the right track. Still you have to prepare yourself to face many challenges.

Therefore, it’s time to take a sip of business success once more with the old channels but with all new strategies. Market is expanding, so revamp the techniques that you use often, strategies never dies. All you need is to refurbish the techniques to get a grand success.

Peek-a-boo to this four steps to form your position in this competitive arena.

Author Bio : Moumita Dasgupta, a financial blogger and the owner of bizandfiz, shares her knowledge and expertise of various financial topics. A clear view on market, business, Forex, funds, personal finances etc. are the subjects she perfectly underlines through her articles.


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Thanks its a pleasure that business association are looking after new ways to gather leads and email marketing is one of the fruitful way to earn leads.

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