Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Turn Holiday Customers To Year-Round Customers – Is It Possible?

Trick or treat?

Voila, Halloween is here! Everywhere people have started to plan something special to make this Halloween share more fun than the previous. Brand marketers, small business owners and the entrepreneurs want to cash this opportunity (freaky holidays and festive seasons) to earn more revenue.

Yes, it is time to earn revenue. Just look at different brands, they work year round planning for grand bash in their retail promotions during Holidays. Brands are there who shoot ads in the summer for next December and starts retail branding much before the first snowfall.

High traffic volumes, huge customer service calls, giant returns on investments and stock up on cashiers at the registers are the four pillars to achieve this holiday.
Retailers prepare themselves to achieve these four pillars every year during different holidays and festive seasons. For year round, they prepare and celebrate when the season slows to halt. In the midst of all, there is one essential in-store element that retailers cannot miss – NEW CUSTOMERS!

Retailers need to add capital on the new traffic, to harness more revenue. What do the retailers can execute to turn holiday shoppers into year round shoppers? Here, we are going to share three expert tips:


Brand marketers, retailers and small business owners if you really want to send the message of turning holiday shoppers to your year-round customer, then take the first step carefully -

FIRST STEP: provide an amazing in-store customer experience to seasonal shoppers

SECOND STEP: create a strong impression, as the first impression lasts.

In seasons, you will find that people no longer leisurely walks around the mall. They are in a rush, know exactly what they look for and are in search of employees to help. Have more employees, educate them on the products, and let them wear a smile always. Spread the holiday cheer that should be your employees’ motto.

What you are offering customers in the first visit of your store or website during holidays, will affect their decision. In holidays, you need to exert extra effort to lessen your customers’ waiting time. Thus, ask your employees to give customers adequate attention, so that they keep coming back.


Well, retailers and brand marketers might feel this point as no-brainer, but this opportunity will allow you to get as much information on the customers. Get their email address, phone numbers, and ZIP codes etc. Send them retail promotions, offers and discount messages year round. Tailor promotions according to the persona - family man, businesspersons, young adults, teenagers etc.

Holiday sales are a one-time event. People will love to establish a connection if you present them something valuable, year-round in spite of being a holiday shopper.

·    Send customers personalized birthday cards during their birthdays

·    Send greetings on special events like anniversary, wedding, new born-babes  etc

To travel an extra mile, you need to follow-up. Go ahead, if one item is out of stock, call up the customer and let them know when it will come next. Personal emails and calls will confirm a stronger customer-marketer relationship.


The above two points add value to this attribute. If you want to turn your holiday shoppers into long-term customer, you need to exceed expectations. Create memorable and positive experience. What does this indicate? Do not compromise over customer happiness. Surprise your customers every time with unexpected offers and giveaways. Treat them in a manner, as they want to be treated during the holiday rush.

Give away free items to increase repeat business and influence customer goodwill. A customer who will experience this will be more willing to share their excellent customer experience via popular social media platforms.

Will you like to miss the opportunity to get more customers with your customer feedback?

So don’t’ just meet, rather exceed customers expectation this holiday!!!

Turn your holiday shopper to long-term shoppers with these three ideas. Happy Holidays …. Have a Grand Shopping Season!

Author Bio: Moumita Dasgupta, a financial blogger and the owner of bizandfiz, shares her knowledge and expertise of various financial topics. A clear view on market, business, Forex, funds, personal finances etc. are the subjects she perfectly underlines through her articles.  Find Moumita on Google+


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