Monday, 2 September 2013

A Positive Business Approach: Comforting Your Employees at Crucial Times

Through the article, we are going to share a trend that both small and big business owners must adopt to keep tab of their business surrounding.

One of the most important aspects that they must take care is their Employees.

If you are an owner with a human face, then you have to consider this trend as a successful and a positive business approach. As soon as you start a business, it is important to look into the benefits of your employees. In the crucial times, it is necessary to enlighten and comfort your employees.

Tragedies are unavoidable, it can occur anty time at anypart of the world. And if the tragedies strikes your employees, then don’t you think that it might affect your workplace?

Tragedies occur often and in any part of the continent. And if the tragedies strike the employee, then it might affect their workplace. The tragedies to note like: WTO Building Catastrophe (9/11), Boston Marathon Tragedy the most recent one has hampered many people and has affected their workplace.  

Talking of Boston Marathon, many of the employees who took part in the marathon, though uninjured had not been able to overcome the trauma. As for 9/11 people were shackled like anything and they still cannot forget the pains of losing their friend, family, or maybe closed ones.

With 9/11 and Boston bombings alarming the media, tragedies have taken a serious setback in the working arena. In such an instance, owners should know the ways to handle such critical situations. Since, Boston is not the only place, tragedies can happen anytime.

Show Compassion towards Your Employees

A business environment in which we deal is actually based on give and take policy. But yes, you have to maintain  the need of your employees staying within this policy. In order to get the best out of them, you have to consider something else as the major priority. Such as:

·      Sending someone home early in this traumatic period.

·      May be availing him or her with an extra holiday.

·      Attending the funeral of your employees close relative, just to show support to your employee.

Don’t Think That You Know Your Employee Feelings

Being the owner of your business don’t think that you are always empathetic. But, if you are having hard working employees and if he or she just cannot concentrate due to a tragic event, however, you may or may not affected by it, then assume that they are telling the truth.

All your employee needs to do is to call a toll-free number anytime within the 24 hours. This number allows them to connect the counselor. EAP programs are inexpensive. You do not need to be an expert when you think to help the employee during a crisis and if the crisis is personal, then the employee does not need to inform you. EAP is such an instance calls back and reports that one of your employees called, but they won't inform you about the problem, but let your employee get a befitting solution and a recovery from the trauma or setbacks.

Sticking to the Laws

If 50 or more than 50 employees are working under you, then you fall under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) that requires giving some time to those who need a medical aid or maybe to the one who is the caregiver for a family. Many of the states have a lower threshold and even some additional features. Check out the laws and rules that you have to abide. The law is actually a guideline that lets you fulfill the needs of the employees that are immediate and good.

Well, it is better to conclude with the tagline -  happy employees bring better profits”. So, if business is your concern, take care of your employees to amplify your business reputation.

Author Bio : Moumita Dasgupta, a financial blogger and the owner of bizandfiz, shares her knowledge and expertise of various financial topics. A clear view on market, business, Forex, funds, personal finances etc. are the subjects she perfectly underlines through her articles. 


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