Thursday, 20 June 2013

10 Tips to Save Money A Little Differently

‘‘A little differently’ - Halt! You have marked the words right.

Yes, saving a little out of the way is the idea we are going to share in this blog. Pinching every penny is tough! At times, you get on to seek some professional help, when you cannot plan some great savings idea.

This is 2013, and if you have still not controlled your financial situations then you are heading towards a great trouble by the end of the year. Still you have six months. Let’s see what ideas will help you to save money as soon as possible.

Check out some cracking tips to save money in a different way to save money here in this blog.

1. Cutting Down On The Clutter

Well at home, you can arrange for some garbage sale. You might find things that are no longer in use. You can start filling up the garbage box. Prepare for a simple sale collecting unused stuffs at your home.

2. Scratch the Coupons

When you look at the coupons at times, you think to disregard it just seeing the picture. Well, it is not the thing to throw in the waste paper basket. Scratch it. At times, the shop owners hide the expensive items in hope that you might spend the money.

3. Budgeted Giving

You have to buy presents and gifts on various occasions. Add up how much you spend on these gift items in 12 months. Make a calculation in the beginning of the month to budget your gift loads. You can reconsider your list back if the gift amount scales very high.

4. Managing  Stockpile

You can buy items in large stocks and try to stock them easily in a closet. Like you may buy the winter garments in the summer, as it is available at a lower price, to save money during the winters. A closet door is a good option to store the stocks.

5. Timesaving Budget

Start taking baby steps in order to save large. Guys, I have a good idea, let me share. Make an aim to save $5 every week at the grocery store using coupons, discounts etc. You might increase the amount if you get a desirable scope.

6. Planning a Staycation

You can look on the tourist spots in the neighboring states or within your state. Take some trips to local tourist sites. Go for long-drives with family, swimming venues, hiking, visiting museums. At times, in some magazines you will attractive coupons of restaurants, tickets of theme parks.

7. Stress-Free Shopping

Try to look for inexpensive ways to have fun. At times, kids may be lingering for items when you visit the store or malls. Well, I have an idea the next time you get to a store make your kid hold a list of the shopping items and give him a crayon to tick the items as you put them in the cart. Try it, it works! He or she will be joining the game of picking things in the cart, and you can deviate their attention from attractive gizmos or other expensive accessories.

8. Buying Second Hand Goods

What’s need to buy a new juicer or a coffee maker, when you get one in a nearly minted condition? Look for appliances in the garage sale or online in the Craiglist. Chances are there that people might have been used it once or twice.

9. Say No To Disposables

Running dishwasher to clean the plates two more time after a summer warm up party will cost you dearly. Why don’t you try these one-time use pans, paper plates and the plastic cups?

10. Stocking Up Kid’s School Supplies

When your kid’s school is about to commence start buying the school items just two weeks before that. You will get them at a comparative low price. Make sure you buy a full set to make your kid comfortable throughout the year and avoid paying excess price in the midst of the year when your child needs more.

This is the first set of the list to save money in a little different way. We will come up with more 10 ideas in  our next list the other day.

Author BioMoumita Dasgupta, a financial blogger and the owner of bizandfiz, shares her knowledge and expertise of various finaical topics. A clear view on market, business, forex, funds, personal finances etc. are the subjects she perfectly underlines thorugh her articles.


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